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Mexon lubricants is a worldwide operating lubricant developing distributing high-grade greases, engine oils, pastes and sprays for nearly all industrial applications and manu- facturing sectors. Since has established an extensive network of subsidiaries and sales representatives around the globe. Our degree of specialisation, the high innovation rate and our first-class products are just a few reasons for the growing success of Mexon brand in the world market

Bosssend is specialize in providing top-quality lubricant oils designed to meet the diverse needs of various industries and customers.

About Us

Belmoor Ltd. was founded in 2012 with a vision of providing high-quality lubricating products to the entire nation.

  • With a passion for excellence and a commitment to customer satisfaction, we always delivering high-performance products that stand the test of time.
  • We always maintains high ethical and international quality standards with total dedication, sound knowledge and expertise in the field of lubricants and greases.
  • Our mission is to enhance performance, efficiency, and reliability through innovative lubrication solutions for our customers.We are committed to delivering a reliable energy source and contributing to the economic growth of the country with utmost responsibility for quality, safety and the environment.


Our specialty at Belmoor BD is providing quality lubricants that are made to fit the different demands of different industries. Our extensive selection of products and services assures the reliable, smooth, and effective usage of your machinery.

Product Variety

We offer a comprehensive range of lubricants, including:
Automotive Lubricants: Engine oils, transmission fluids, and greases.
Industrial Lubricants: Hydraulic oils, gear oils, and compressor oils.
Marine Lubricants: Marine engine oils and specialty greases.

Technical Support

Our experienced technical specialists are here to assist the customer in selecting the right lubricants for their specific applications. Whether the customer need advice on product selection, application strategies, or investigating, our experts give personalized direction to guarantee the customer to get the most excellent execution from our products.

Customer Support

Our customer service representatives are here to respond to your inquiries, offer technical help, and guarantee that using our products and services is easy for customers. We pride ourselves on our commitment to customer satisfaction.


Our services assist customers keep up the correct stock levels of oils, ensuring timely replenishments and minimizing the risk of deficiencies.
We streamline customers ordering process, permitting customer to focus on our core business activities.


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New Arrival Products

We at BelmoorBD provide an extensive selection of premium lubricants that are customized to our clients' varied demands in a variety of industries. Our products are designed to guarantee reliability, preserve equipment, and improve performance.Here’s an overview of our product

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