HI TEMP GREASE NLGI 0, 2, 3 Pack size – 0.5 / 15 / 180 KG Application Mexon OözyX Hi Temp grease is particularly suitable for use in wheel bearings of vehicles fitted with disc brakes, as well as drum brakes, boat trailer wheel bearings and other marine applications high temperature wheel bearing grease is also a highly effective industrial grease in applications such as rolling element bearings, plain bearings, medium speed anti-friction bearings, steel mills, underground tunneling and general plant lubrication and in agricultural and construction equipment. Benefits The operating temperature is up to 300ºC Extreme pressure performance.


MP GREASE NLGI 0, 2, 3 Pack size – 0.5 / 15 / 180 KG Application MEXON OözyX MP Grease is high graded multi-purpose grease which is lithium hydroxystearate grease based on mineral oil. Particularly suitable for industrial work and automotive chassis components, wheel bearings, clutch bearings and many other kinds of bearing operating under heavy duty, high temperature and speed which maintains the balance of steering and suspension systems of passenger cars, trucks, farm tractors and most other types of automotive equipment operating under moderate conditions. In these applications, a thin film of molybdenum will provide some measure.


EP GREASE  NLGI 0, 2, 3 Pack size – 0.5 / 15 / 180 KG Application MEXON OözyX Extreme Pressure Grease is for general-purpose industrial application and two special-duty semi-fluid greases. These lithium hydroxystearate greases provide excellent protection against rust and corrosion and resist water wash-out which makes them particularly suitable for equipment in automotive and industrial service. It is also suitable for heavy-duty machine, slow speed wheel and anti-friction bearings. this includes plain bearings, ball joint, water pump bearing, front hanger outboard bushing, wheel spindle, roller bearing, drive shaft,  bushings and pins under normal operating conditions.