SYNTHETIC BLENDED SAE 20W 50 | JASO MA2 | API SL Pack Size 600ml   Application Synthetic Blended multigrade four-stroke motorcycle engine oil, produced from high quality base oil, balance blends with synthetic base and special additives for 4-stroke motorcycles. Exceeds performance level of API SL and JASO MA2.   Benefits Provide superior thermal oxidation stability. Provide engine cleanliness. Provide excellent engine and gear lubrication. Provide excellent wear protection. Extends engine life and drain interval.

  • MEXON SPEEDX TRIM 20W-50 1 Liter

SYNTHETIC BLENDED SAE 20W 50 | JASO MA2 API SL Pack size – 1 Liter Application Synthetic blended motor oil designed for high performance air and water-cooled of modern 4-stroke motorcycles such as sports type, big bikes & choppers. Recommended for both fuel injection and carburettor technology. Also suitable for gearboxes in 2-stroke motorcycles. Benefits Improve acceleration response. Outstanding engine cleanliness. Excellent engine wear protection under high speed condition. Optimize friction control for smooth gear shifting. Extended oil drain intervals.    


Synthetic blended high quality multi-grade motorcycle engine oil recommended for both air and liquid-cooled 4 stroke motorcycle engines with integral gearboxes and wet clutches. Applicable for both fuel injection and carburettor technology. Suitable for engines that require added heat protection.

  • MEXON SPEEDX PLUS 10W-30 1 Liter

SYNTHETIC BLENDED SAE 10W 30 | JASO MA2 API SN Application Synthetic Blended high performance new generation and fuel saving 4-stroke engine oil suitable for high power motorcycles, scooter, sports bikes, street & road bikes. It is formulated for the specific needs of motorcycles, including high temperature, high RPMs, and wet clutch systems meets the performance level of API SN and JASO MA2 Benefits Reduce frictional properties eliminates wet clutch slipping. Faster heat dissipation result into longer engine life. Excellent shear stability provides highest wear protection. Reduces oil consumption through low volatility. Superior rust and corrosion protection.

  • MEXON SPEEDX GOLD 10W-30 1 Liter

FULLY SYNTHETIC SAE 10W 30 | JASO MA2 API SN   Application SpeedX Gold is a premium quality fully synthetic SAE 10W-30 motorbike oil specially formulated to fulfil the requirements of all modern 4-stroke motorbikes. Mexon SpeedX Gold exhibits excellent protection to engine, gearbox and wet clutch in 4-stroke motorcycles. Surpassed the standard of API SN & JASO MA2   Benefits Fully Synthetic formulation maximizes power & acceleration. Provides outstanding wet clutch protection for maximum power transfer and smooth shifting. Added protection against harmful deposits that can decrease engine performance. Excellent wear corrosion protection to keep engine performing at its…