PREMIX – use without addition of water  Pack Size : 20 Liters Application Protects cooling systems of gasoline and diesel engines against rust & corrosion in all seasons. Can be used in both automotive and heavy-duty applications and is compatible with heat rejecting aluminium surfaces. This product is ‘ready-to-use’ and should not be diluted with water. Benefits The inhibitor system provides corrosion protection for all engines and cooling system metals including aluminium, iron, steel, cooper and solder alloys. High boiling point gives better cooling performance in high temp condition. Excellent inhibitor system protects wet liner from cavitation erosion.


CONCENTRATE – use after addition of water Pack size – 20 Liters Application High quality engine coolant, produced from ethylene glycol base blended with rust and corrosion inhibitor, which is suitable for using in the cooling systems of gasoline and light- duty diesel engines. It is recommended to flush the cooling system by radiator cleaner in the case that radiator is dirty. For optimum efficiency, 1 part coolant per 1-3 part water is recommended. Benefits The inhibitor system provides corrosion protection for all engines and cooling system metals including aluminium, iron, steel, copper and solder alloys.


BRAKE FLUID  DOT 3 Pack size – 0.5 Liter Application DOT 3 Brake Fluid is recommended for re-fill or top-up of brake and clutch systems in passenger cars, 4WD’s, motorcycles, light and Heavy Duty commercial vehicles, mining, construction and agricultural equipment that require a non petroleum based DOT 3 brake fluid. Benefits Excellent braking response due to high boiling point of fluid. High wet boiling point ensures long term retention of fluid performance. Compatible with all common brake system materials.


AUTO TRANSMISSION OIL  DEXRON III Pack size – 4 Liters Application Mexon TopX Dexron III is an excellent auto transmission fluid developed for automatic transmission in vehicles. Hydro finished base stocks and selected performance additives are coupled to provide resistance to oxidation, better frictional properties, good low temperature fluidity, wear protection and seal compatibility. It will provide acceptable performance in application which required a Toyota T-III fluid. Benefits Superior seal compatibility. Reduces sludge and deposits in transmissions. Provide smoother shifts in different driving conditions due to controlled frictional properties. Reduces fluid loss due to better anti foaming characteristics.


MANUAL TRANSMISSION OIL SAE 90 / 140 API GL-4 Pack size – 4 Liters Application Mexon MemoX EP 90 / 140 is a multipurpose extreme pressure gear oil formulated from high quality base stocks and other performance additives to impart properties like EP, oxidation stability and anti- foaming characteristics. Benefits Excellent thermal and chemical stability. Prevents cavitation due to good defoaming property. Smooth shifting gear. Longer drain interval and less maintenance/lubricant cost.